Official Gift Rules and Steps to Claim the Gift ("Gift Rules")

These Official Gift Rules and Steps to Claim the Prize are subject to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement ("EULA") to which you must agree in order to use the network of sites (the "service"), including seeking to qualify under these Gift Rules. Capitalized terms unless otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the EULA.

1.  To qualify for and redeem your Gift, you must complete each of the following steps:

(a)Registration Form. Complete the registration form by providing true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form. Note that any information that you provide which is untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete may disqualify you from eligibility to receive the Gift.

(b)Survey & Special Offers. The Service is comprised of two types of questions: (i) survey questions, and (ii) special offers. To qualify for your gift, survey questions must be answered, and may include questions such as, "Do you shop online?" Special offers must be viewed, but are optional and may be skipped and may include offers such as, "Would you like a discounted vacation package?" You must answer all survey questions that are presented following your completion of the registration form and view all special offers in order to qualify for the Gift. Expressing interest in response to any special offer is not required to qualify for the Gift. If you (I) answer all survey questions and (II) view all of the special offers, you will receive a link to the Gift Claim Form on the confirmation page.

(c)Gift Redemption. Once you receive the Gift Claim Form, please follow the step by step instructions as stated on the Gift Claim Form. Mail the signed form to:
OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research
105 E. 34th Street Ste 144.
New York, NY 10016
United States.

Once the Gift Claim Form is received by OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research and your eligibility is confirmed by us, you will receive a Validation Form via Email that will contain instructions on receiving the Gift. You are required to submit the Validation Form prior to receiving the Gift. You will receive the Gift within 8-12 weeks upon receipt of the fully completed Validation Form. You may also download the Validation Form and review your gift status at any time at http://surveysondemand/status/

The Validation Form must be submitted within 60 days from when the Validation Form was issued. Furthermore, the Validation Form must have been issued within 60 days of when you initiated our survey. The Validation Form will require, among other things, that you (i) provide a copy of a validly issued photo ID, (ii) provide a U.S. address to which the gift will be shipped, and (iii) sign the Validation Form and agree to receive additional offers from OnDemandResearch: The Next Level of Market Research and its marketing partners by email, phone, text, or U.S. mail.

2. Restrictions on Use. The following actions will be considered a breach of these Gift Rules, and as a result your account will be suspended or terminated, and not subject to reinstatement, at OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research's sole discretion:

(a)You are not allowed to use multiple accounts on the Service utilizing different email addresses at the same shipping address. You may only use one unique email address per shipping address.
(b)You are not allowed to use multiple email accounts on the Service utilizing different names at the same shipping address.
(c)You may not use both a street address and a P.O. Box address, but you may use either a street address or a P.O. Box address.
(d)The Service is unique to you as an individual, and you may not use another person's name or information on the Service. You must complete the requirements for qualifying for the Gift yourself. No other individual is allowed to complete the Service or entitled to claim the Gift on your behalf.
(e)You are responsible for the security of your account, therefore you may not share your account or account password with another person.
(f)Gifts may not be transferred to another user or account.
(g)If your account is suspended, terminated or otherwise placed on hold, you may not create another account on the Service.
(h)You will be allowed a maximum of two (2) Gift redemptions.

3. Disclaimer. The Service is not affiliated with the manufacturer or provider of the Gift nor with any of the third parties appearing in the Service unless otherwise indicated. OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research reserves the right, at any time, to substitute a Gift with another Gift of equal or greater value. OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research reserves the right to modify or cancel any portion of the Service, including any survey or offer at any time for any reason, with or without notice. OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research reserves the right to charge shipping and processing fees to you following one unsuccessful attempt to deliver your Gift to you.

4. Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Is there a fee to participate in the Service and to receive a Gift?
A: There are no membership fees for joining. To get your Gift, you must complete the survey questions and continue through the special offers for sampling and purchasing products of interest, completing all other requirements contained in the Gift Rules.

Q: Is anyone eligible?
A: To qualify for an account, you must be over eighteen (18) years of age and a resident of the United States. Employees and relatives of OnDemand Research: The Next Level of Market Research, and persons residing with such individuals, are not eligible to participate. Only one account per person is permitted. Corporations, businesses and governmental entities are also not eligible for accounts or to otherwise participate.

Q: How do I cancel a membership, offer, transaction, purchase, or other agreement with a Sponsor?
A: Please contact the Sponsors directly.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Additional information can be found in our End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.